Fee Structure

Fee Structure

All clients or potential clients have an initial consultation with me. At your initial consultation we will discuss your case. You can explain what happened and ask questions and I will provide you with employment law advice. I will let you know the options as I see them and my opinion on the best things to do. At the end of the consultation you have the choice whether you wish to engage me to represent you.

Fee Agreement

If you wish us to represent you, we will provide you with a Fee Agreement that you will need to sign. The Agreement details:

i. how we will resolve your matter and what we will do for you;

ii. the amount of fees that will either be a fixed fee for an agreed amount, or an estimate fee based on the time for the work and costs involved in resolving your matter;

iii. a payment plan setting out amounts and dates when payments are required. In most cases we are able to agree to a fixed fee for the case. In very complex cases this may not be possible and a fee estimate, and a payment plan for the first stages of the case will be provided to you, and we will bill you regularly on a time spent basis.

The fee agreement will require retainer payments before the matter is completed.

We accept payment by all the normal commercial methods, cash, cheque, eftpos and credit cards.

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