Disciplinary Issues

Employment Disputes

When an employment issue arises it pays to address the problem at "grass roots" level rather than allow it to escalate.

The Employment Relations Act gives employees the right to pursue a personal grievance if they feel they have been the victim of a number of things including unjustifiable dismissal, discrimination, and sexual or racial harassment. The cost to you and your business can at times be severe.

How we can help

We represent clients in a wide range of employment related disputes including:

  • Investigation or Disciplinary procedures
  • Drafting HR policies and procedures, including House Rules, and employment agreements
  • Medical or sick leave issues
  • Managed exits
  • Collective Bargaining (IEA’s)
  • Collective agreements (CEA’s and MECA’s)
  • Industrial action issues

If you need advice on any employment dispute please call us to arrange a confidential consultation.

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